With the projector and all other digital materials required for the meeting, you can carry out your business, family, wedding meetings with extremely wide possibilities, and you can carry out your activities in a quality and comfortable way.


The capacity of our meeting room, which reaches up to 25 people, will provide a spacious environment for your large-scale business meetings and meetings, and will please you and your guests with its services during the activity.


You can use our conference hall not only for your meetings, but also for your breakfast invitations, and you can host your guests with a high-level service and our experienced waiters.


You can determine the strategy for your meetings, choose the day and time, and receive service the way you want. Our conference hall is always in service for you, our valued customers, and has the infrastructure that can be used in the format you desire and interactive planning.


Our modern hall, which has a rich infrastructure with its creative interior decoration, art architectural style and state-of-the-art materials, has a well-equipped content that will both appeal to our customers' aesthetic taste and provide the services they desire.


The location of our hotel is a unique opportunity for all your important projects! Since it is located in the city center where transportation is the easiest and most comfortable, you can invite your guests with peace of mind and realize your fast social plans.